Zion and Bryce Canyon Trivia

ByDon Lago

Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks are full of wonder -- and so is this book. Here you will find the biggest and smallest, longest and shortest, first and last, weirdest and wildest, and the who, what, and where of Zion and Bryce Canyon. In this book you'll discover which tree puts out 48 million seeds, what animal jumps the length of a bus, and which bird flies at 200 miles per hour. You'll meet a 90-pound rodent and the world's smallest snail. You'll hear the stories of Native Americans, pioneers, adventurers, artists, and movie stars. You'll find legends and history, lists and jokes, and hundreds of facts you may find hard to believe -- but that's only because Zion and Bryce Canyon are so unbelievable!