What I Saw! in Grand Teton A Kid's Guide to the National Park

ByJulie Gillum Lue


Explore Grand Teton—its peaks, wildlife, history, and more—and keep track of the things you see in the park. See how much you can check off—and have fun looking and learning. Then take this book home to share your Grand Teton experience with family, friends, and classmates.

This guide is packed with:

  • color photos to help you identify
  • lively descriptions
  • fun "guess what" factoids
  • precise "where to see it" directions

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60639-098-6
Author: Julie Gillum Lue
Published: April 2017
Pages: 48

Kids guide explores park up and down - Jackson Hole News&Guide

Julie Gillum Lue grew up in the Colorado mountains, where she learned to love the outdoors and public lands. She graduated from the University of Colorado School of Journalism and also studied elementary education. After college she worked for the National Park Service for about eight years, mostly in Rocky Mountain and Canyonlands national parks. She later transferred to the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the US Forest Service. She now lives in Montana, where she writes about family and the outdoors. You may find her online at julielue.com.

Christopher Cauble grew up in Montana, where he began his passion for photography by exploring the mountains with a 35mm film camera passed down from his parents. After graduating from the University of Montana, he became a freelance photographer working mostly in Montana and Yellowstone National Park. His work has been featured in magazines and books, including Yellowstone: A Land of Wild and Wonder, A Montana Journall, and the popular children’s book, What I Saw In Yellowstone. Cauble is also a nature cinematographer and his videos have been published on many national and international news sites and television programs. He lives in Livingston, Montana. His work can be found at www.caublephotography.com and on social media.

Grand Teton kids’ book is an innovative journal and treasure hunt

A new book makes it fun for young people to find and identify Grand Teton National Park’s most frequently seen plants, animals, geological features, and more, and then share their experiences with friends, family, and classmates.

What I Saw in Grand Teton describes specific things kids can see in the park and asks them to keep track of what they saw. For example, when kids see moose, they write in the book how many they saw, where they saw them, and what they were doing. The book explains the natural history of moose and uses several photographs to help kids identify them.

From mountains and lakes to flowers and historic buildings, finding and checking off the various features becomes an educational treasure hunt, making the book a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged on park visits. There’s even a page for getting a park ranger’s autograph.

The book’s layout is very readable and kid friendly, and it features dozens of beautiful color photos by photographer Christopher Cauble.

The author, Julie Gillum Lue, worked for the National Park Service for eight years, mostly in the Rocky Mountains. She now lives in Montana where she writes about family and the outdoors.
What I Saw in Grand Teton is available at local bookstores, visitor centers, and gift shops.

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