Glacier Ghost Stories

ByKaren Stevens


Renowned worldwide for its magnificent peaks and pristine wilderness, Glacier National Park is also rich in legend, lore, and tales of strange encounters.

Some of the stories are chilling, others poignant. A few may even make you chuckle. Are the stories true? Well, when shadows swirl like phantoms across the mountains and the wind whispers in the trees, when campfires flicker dimly in the dark of night…anything seems possible.

Montana author and paranormal investigator Karen Stevens has written two previous books, Haunted Montana and More Haunted Montana.


Format: Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 978-1-60639-067-2
Author: Karen Stevens
Pages: 104

In Karen Stevens own words:

“My fascination with ghosts began at an early age. When I was seven, my parents bought a brick and stucco house in Minneapo- lis. The house had been built in 1920 and had an air of quiet dis- tinction about it. It didn’t take us long, however, to find out that we shared our house with something or someone we couldn’t see. At first, it was just a sense of an unseen presence. My father had fixed up a playroom in the basement for us, but my sister and I never liked to play down there. After a few minutes we would be- come aware that someone was standing in the doorway glaring at us. Although we never saw anyone, we sensed that it was male and that he didn’t like little kids. The feeling of dislike would quickly become so intense that we would run upstairs to find our mother.

“A few months later, we began to hear footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement. No one was ever there when we opened the door to look down the stairs. My father was a rational man, trained as a chemist, and he didn’t believe us when my sister and I told him that the house was haunted. Something happened one evening, though, that made even my father have second thoughts. We were having supper at the kitchen table. The door to the base- ment was closed as usual. Suddenly the doorknob began to turn back and forth as if someone were standing on the other side of the door. My father got quietly to his feet and yanked the door open. Nothing was there—nothing that we could see, that is. He was never able to explain that incident to his satisfaction—or ours.

“An unanswered question has always been, to me, an irresist- ible challenge. Perhaps that’s why I find paranormal investigation so fascinating. There are no easy answers, only more questions. How could something without a physical body manage to flick on the dining room light? Why did we all hear footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement when no one was there? Who rang the doorbell but left no tracks in the fresh snow? My father must have grown tired of the barrage of questions, but he never discouraged me from looking for answers.

“Seeking information, I devoured every book the local li- brary had on ghosts. None had the answers I wanted, so I de- cided to experiment. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me to ask Mom’s permission first. She wasn’t at all pleased about the flour I sprinkled on the basement floor (no, the ghost didn’t leave footprints) and made me clean it up. Then I had an even better idea: to see whether the ghost could pass through a strand of yarn that I’d tacked across the basement stairs. Dad tripped over the yarn, however, and my “junior scientist” experiments came to an abrupt end!

“Over the past half century I’ve spent many enjoyable days and nights roaming haunted castles, plantation houses and abandoned prisons in search of ghosts. Often we’d go home with nothing to show for a night’s vigil but stiff necks and sore feet, but looking back, I wouldn’t have missed a moment of it!

“May you too, enjoy many ghostly adventures!” Karen Stevens is also the author of Haunted Montana and More Hunted Montana. She lives in Billings, Montana.

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