Blackfeet Tales of Glacier National Park

ByJames Willard Schultz


In 1877 Schultz went to Montana for the summer to buffalo hunt. He ended up staying and joining the Blackfeet tribe. He wrote stories that faithfully recorded their culture. These great legends of the Blackfeet will leave you wanting more.


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-931832-14-5
Author: James Willard Schultz
Pages: 240

“My fellow tribal members who enjoy Schultz’s books give him high marks for storytelling and for keeping memories alive. We especially rejoice because he was so prolific, and his stories cover the gamut of the tribe’s trials and tribulations, as well as our oral tradition….He presented the essence of the Blackfeet tribe as no other writer was able to then or has since. Schultz’s Blackfeet Tales of Glacier National Park offers an excellent opportunity for readers….to get to know Blackfeet traditions and the area now known as Glacier National Park. I am pleased to see this book back in print.”

—Darrell Robes Kipp, Executive Director, Piegan Institute

In 1876, native New Yorker James Willard Schultz followed his wanderlust west to the high plains of Montana in order to hunt buffalo. The 17-year-old Schultz landed a job at the Fort Conrad Trading Post, which did not suit him. Soon, he was living outside the fort's wall with the Blackfeet. Speaking their language and using sign language, he absorbed hundreds of stories about the tribe, its history, and oral tradition.

Soon after that, he married a young woman from the Piegan tribe and was given the Piegan name Apikuni, meaning "Far-off White Robe." Allegiance to the Piegans was so strong that Schultz even participated in raids against other tribes. Schultz died in 1947 at the age of 88 and the Blackfeet tribe buried him near Two Medicine River, not far from Glacier National Park. He left behind more than 30 written works which chronicled life in the American West even as it was disappearing forever.

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