Yellowstone Collectibles An illustrated introduction to the park's historic souvenirs, books, art, and memorabilia

ByMichael H. Francis and Bobby Reynolds


This book is about the myriad of Yellowstone National Park collectibles and souvenirs, from rare historic pieces to modern memorabilia. More than 250 items are featured, from 19th-century horseshoes dipped in the park’s thermal springs to beautiful hand-painted Limoges porcelain. Informative text, written by experts in their fields, explains the numerous types of collectibles, their features and characteristics, and their importance. These items and their descriptions reveal reams of forgotten park history—history that you can hold in your hand.

If you are already a collector, this book is a valuable guide and reference. If you simply love the park, this book shows a new way of appreciating Wonderland and may inspire a Yellowstone collection of your own.

Yellowstone Collectibles
Authors: Michael H. Francis and Bobby Reynolds
Contributors: Bob Berry, Jack and Susan Davis, Robert Goss, Tamsen Emerson Hert, Larry and Thea Lancaster, Jay C. Lyndes, Leslie Quinn, Paul Rubinstein, Elizabeth Watry, and Lee H. Whittlesey


Format: paperback
Size: 9 x 10 inches
ISBN-13: 978-1-60639-136-5
Author: Michael H. Francis and Bobby Reynolds
Published: March 2022
216 pages
List Price: $32.95

Michael H. Francis is a recently retired wildlife photographer based out of Billings, Montana. He has thirty-five single-photographer books to his credit including, Yellowstone Memories: 30 Years of Photographs & Stories, Watching Yellowstone & Grand Teton Wildlife, and Yellowstone Bears In The Wild, all published by Riverbend Publishing. Mike worked in Yellowstone National Park for 15 seasons and during that time became interested in park history and collectibles, such as the many souvenirs found in the general stores and gift shops. Since 1974 he has collected thousands of historic images of the park, most of which have never been seen by the public. He is anxious to share these rare images with the world. Michael can be contacted at

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