Montana Trivia

ByJanet Spencer


This fun-filled, fact-filled trivial extravaganza will keep you laughing, keep you learning, and keep you guessing. Trivia Queen Janet Spencer scoured libraries, archives, and museums for the oddest and most obscure figures, facts, and fascination she could find. The perfect campfire companion! Use the book to play a homemade version of Trivial PursuitTM. Keep a copy in your glovebox, or put it in your bathroom!

  1. What Montana county has the highest ratio of men to women, with 139 men for every 100 women?
  2. How many states have more pick-up trucks per capita than Montana?
  3. Where’s the deepest lake in the state?
  4. Name the state that sends Montana more tourists than any other state.
  5. What’s the largest rodent in the state, weighing up to 90 lbs?
  6. In the city limits of Butte, are there more streets above ground or mining tunnels below ground?
  7. In 1999, residents of Saco, Montana set a world record by cooking a 6,000-pound hamburger. How many cows went into that big burger?
  8. Are there more cows or humans living in Montana?
  9. What Montana city reports the greatest number of UFO sightings?
  10. How long would it take to give a lift to the entire population of Montana in the state’s 65 ski lifts?

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-931832-60-9
Author: Janet Spencer
Pages: 160

Janet Spencer started her trivial career in 1987 when she started a weekly paper entitled "Tidbits". The paper was dedicated to publishing odd and interesting bits of information, as well as jokes, quotes, quizzes, contests, and cartoons. She authored the book "Tidbits Treasury of Trivia and Compendium of Miscellany: Odd and Unusual, Amazing and Amusing Facts, Stories, and Statistics" in 1995. In addition, she's been a staff writer for the Bathroom Reader's Institute, a columnist for "Montana Magazine", and the author of the book "Montana Trivia" published by Riverbend Publishing in 2005, among other things.

She has done much of her writing from unusual retreats. Recently, she spent two winters caretaking a closed lodge in the middle of Glacier National Park, a la Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". Spending such vast periods of time alone has given her a different perspective of society. She also spent ten consecutive summers on forest fire lookout towers atop remote peaks of Montana, where she was hit by lightning an incredible five times. Such proximity to enormous amounts of electricity has perhaps been responsible for the extra current running through her life.

When not off on wilderness adventures, she resides in Helena, Montana with her husband of 25 years and a varying menagerie of animals. Hobbies include singing, acting, gardening, rehabilitating a century-old home, canoeing, and camping.

  1. Powell County, with Deerlodge as the county seat, has the highest ratio of men to women. [The State Prison is located there.]
  2. The only states with more pick-up trucks per capita than Montana are North and South Dakota.
  3. The deepest lake is Butte’s Berkeley Pit at 900 feet and getting deeper every day. The deepest natural lake is Tally Lake near Whitefish at 500 feet deep, followed by Lake McDonald and Flathead Lake.
  4. More tourists come to Montana from California than from any other state, followed by Washington and Texas.
  5. The state’s largest rodent is the beaver.
  6. There are around 250 miles of streets in Butte and over 2,500 miles of underground mining tunnels.
  7. Seventeen cows went into Saco’s record-setting 6,000 pound burger.
  8. There are three times as many cows as humans in Montana. (Texas has 12 times more cows than people.)
  9. Great Falls, home of Malmstrom AFB, reports the greatest number of UFO sightings.
  10. It would take about 13 hours at maximum capacity of 72,000 people per hour to give every Montana resident a lift in the state’s 65 ski lifts.

“Montana Trivia” by Trivia Queen Janet Spencer is like the game of ‘Trivial Pursuit’ in a book. Over 250 questions on each of six different categories are guaranteed to keep readers amazed and amused for hours. “I know more inconsequential information about Montana than anyone else in the state, and I have the book to prove it,” says Spencer, who has been writing trivia in various formats since 1987. “There’s more than you ever thought to ask about Montana in this book,” she says, adding that she constantly reminds people that the book is not a test. “It’s not about how much you know; it’s about how much you want to learn.”

Spencer claims to inspire a slack-jawed, glassy-eyed, open-mouth sense of awe among those who appreciate needless knowledge as she does. “Does anybody really need to know if there are any states with more pick-up trucks per capita than Montana? Or what the state’s largest rodent is? Or where in Montana you’d be most likely to spot a UFO? Of course not, but it’s fun to find out anyway.” Spencer challenges people to come meet her if they know a nugget of knowledge that ought to be included in the next edition of the book. “I especially love meeting know-it-alls. This book is perfect for them.”

For more information or an interview, Her Majesty Mrs. Spencer can be reached at or feel free to call the Queen at 1-866-TriviaQ. Please email Her Majesty for an electronic version of this press release.

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