Grand Canyon Trivia

ByDon Lago


The Grand Canyon is full of wonder--and so is this book. Here you will find the biggest and smallest, longest and shortest, first and last, weirdest and wildest, and the who, what, and where of the Grand Canyon. From rim to rim with the canyon and river in between, Grand Canyon Trivia offers something fascinating, fun, and little known about everything. Take it on a hike, pack it in your raft, carry it on a mule, or enjoy it around a campfire. You can even use it to quiz your companions and play a trivia game. These trivial trifles, treasures, and treats will keep you laughing, learning, and guessing. It's fun-tastic! Great for curious kids, inquisitive visitors, and inquiring hikers, and smart travelers.


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60639-004-7
Author: Don Lago
Pages: 109

Don Lago has spent 20 years exploring the Grand Canyon. He had kayaked it six times and backpacked it ore than 60 times. He has done years of backcountry research for Grand Canyon National Park and discovered the oldest pioneer rock inscription ever found in the park. He has done extensive research into Grand Canyon history and made many new discoveries about the 1869 expedition of John Wesley Powell down the Colorado River. His articles on Grand Canyon history have appeared for many ears in the publications of the Grand Canyon Historical Society and the Grand Canyon River Guides, and he presented a paper at the 2007 Grand Canyon History Symposium. He lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Grand Canyon book puts fun in the facts

A new book by an Arizona author does a great job of making all kinds of facts about the Grand Canyon easily accessible and fun to learn.

“Grand Canyon Trivia” by Flagstaff resident Don Lago covers the canyon’s history, geology, plants, animals and many more subjects in an entertaining question-and-answer format, much like a trivia game. For example, at its widest spot, how wide is the Grand Canyon? Answer: 18 miles.

The questions cover the obvious, such as the depth of the canyon (about one mile, depending on where you measure) and the not so common: What was the 1946 movie about employees of the park’s main concessionaire, the Fred Harvey Company? Answer: “The Harvey Girls” starring Judy Garland, who sang the movie’s catchy hit song “The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe.”

Lago has studied and explored the Grand Canyon for more than 20 years, kayaking the Colorado River six times and backpacking the canyon more than 60 times. He has done extensive research into Grand Canyon history, and he discovered the oldest pioneer rock inscription in the park. Lago has written numerous articles for the Grand Canyon Historical Society and the Grand Canyon River Guides.

With a wealth of information presented in a lively, engaging format, “Grand Canyon Trivia” is a must-have book for fans of the canyon and a good way for anyone of any age to learn more about Arizona’s most famous natural wonder.

Manhold Review Grand Canyon

This little book begins with some interesting geographical and geological details about the canyon, and proceeds to provide facts about the rim, the Colorado River, the trails, wildlife found in the canyon, the Native Americans associated with it, its history, and even interesting details about human deaths occurring within its boundaries.

The presentation with respect to the formation, and the geologic aspects of the canyon, are informative and presented in a very readable fashion. There is a plethora of material with respect to the other factors, as well ─ first viewers, the history, development of the trails, the gradual provision of means of access to the site, and development of tourism ─ all interestingly presented, most often in a question and answer format.

Each reader, no doubt, will find his or her own facts to take away from this extensive list. I found many. Among them: there have been 52,518 forest fires caused by lightning in the period of 1940 – 1975, which would break down into 1,500 per year.  The average depth of the Colorado River is about 40 feet and the temperature about 50 degrees. (Changed from a warm river when the Glen Canyon Dam was built.) Colorado River Salmon (wiped out with building of the dams) grew to six feet and weighed as much as 80 pounds. The species of fish presently found in the river ─ a cold water trout ─ were brought in canisters on the backs of mules to restock the streams. Gila monsters inhabit the Grand Canyon. Hieroglyphs found in the Grand Canyon are almost as old as those in Egypt ─ 4000 years vs. 5000 years.

I could continue with many more fascinating facts, but then, there would be nothing left for you to read. If facts about areas of the United States appeal to you, I highly recommend Grand Canyon Trivia. The material is highly interesting and the presentation totally readable.

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