Alpine Wildflowers Showy Wildflowers of the Alpine and Subalpine Areas of the Northern Rocky Mountain States

ByDr. Dee Strickler


Alpine Wildflowers, the third in a three-book series on wildflowers of the northern Rocky Mountains, is an invaluable and convenient pocket guide for hikers, travelers, and all amateur botanists, as well as teachers, range managers, and other experts. This book groups, pictures, and describes each wildflower according to family. Technical terminology has been kept to a minimum, and line drawings, a picture glossary, and a glossary of botanical terms help identify species quickly and accurately. The first book in the series, Prairie Wildflowers covers open-terrain wildflowers. The second book, Forest Wildflowers concentrates on wildflowers of the forest environment. This book covers high-altitude wildflowers. For any nature-lover who has asked, "What flower is that?" Alpine Wildflowers holds the answer.


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-56044-011-2
Author: Dr. Dee Strickler
Pages: 112

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