Sherlock Holmes Adventures in the Wild West

ByJohn S. Fitzpatrick


Sherlock Holmes in the Wild West? Of course, it’s simply elementary!

In the late 1800s esteemed detective Sherlock Holmes made a little known trip to the western United States. First summoned to solve a perplexing mystery for one of the great Copper Kings in Butte, Montana, as his presence became known Holmes was implored to solve cases across the Wild West. He took on a blackmailing scheme against the famous Hearst family of California, a silver mine swindle in Montana, the theft of a newly invented musical instrument, and more—even a genius method of cattle rustling on the American plains.

As usual, Holmes’ exploits were carefully recorded by his affable companion, Dr. John H. Watson, who left his written accounts in a Montana library for safe-keeping. There they were lost for a century until discovered and edited for publication by researcher John S. Fitzpatrick. Not only are the actual crimes unique and challenging, the stories are filled with fascinating details of life in the American West—details that amply illustrate Holmes’ superb powers of observation.

This immensely entertaining book is certain to delight all fans of Sherlock Holmes, historical detective stories, and western history. John S. Fitzpatrick also edited the first volume of Dr. Watson’s lost western manuscripts, the bestselling Sherlock Holmes: The Montana Chronicles.


Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 978-1-60639-113-6
Author: John S. Fitzpatrick
Pages: 316

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