Elk Tactics

Advanced strategy for hunting and calling elk, from the authors of Elk Talk and The Elk Hunter.

ByDon Laubach


There's a new breed of elk roaming elk country today. They're smarter. They're more wary. They're tougher to hunt than elk were in the good old days. And if you want to be successful hunting the new elk, you'll need to learn some new tactics. In this book, co-authors Don Laubach and Mark Henckel take an in-depth look at the new elk of today and offer practical, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand advice on how to improve your hunting success, whether you stalk elk with a bow and arrow, rifle, or camera. "Elk Tactics" takes you step-by-step through what you need to know, and what you need to learn, to become a better elk hunter today and a more knowledgeable student of elk in the future. "Elk Tactics" is a must for anyone, novice or veteran, who wants to become a better hunter and learn more about elk.


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60639-007-8
Authors: Laubach & Henckel
Pages: 226

Don Laubach brings more than four decades of hunting experience to his books. He doesn’t know how many elk he’s shot over thhe years. He has gone after them on horseback and backpack hutns, with rifle and bow and arrow, and from the earliest seasons of September through h the late hunts of January. In the process, his freezer has rarely  been empty and his storehouse of knowledge has grown full.  He is the inventor of the “Cow Talk” call and the “Larynx Bull Call” for elk, as well as the “Antelope Talk”, “Deer Talk”, and “Turkey Talk” calls. He has authored manybo books on hunting and has also been involved in creating a number of successful videos. For more information, visit www.elkinc.com.

Mark Henckel authored “A Hunter’s Guide to Montana” in 1985 and has been turning out the hunting books ever since.  He is an avid hunter in both the archery and rifle saesons and has communicated that love through is work as outdoor editor of “The Billing Gazette”. He’s won national awards for newspaper and magazine writing from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Along with artist John Potter, Henckel has developed “The Outdoor Family Series” for young readers. He lives in Park City, Montana.

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