Sherlock Holmes The Montana Chronicles

ByJohn S. Fitzpatrick


For the first time, here are the long-lost records of four intriguing mysteries solved by the famous English detective Sherlock Holmes when he traveled to Montana in the late 1800s. Using his inimitable eye for clues, his astounding deductive reasoning, and – when necessary – clever subterfuge, Holmes solves a very public murder at the famous Opera House, a supernatural theft of gold at a mine near Georgetown Lake, the disturbing threats to Copper King Marcus Daly’s most famous racehorse, and the sudden odd behavior of a miner’s wife.

As usual, these cases were recorded by Dr. John H. Watson, Holmes’ affable companion and chronicler, but Watson’s accounts were lost for more than a century. They were recently discovered in an old safe in Anaconda’s Hearst Free Library by researcher John. S. Fitzpatrick, who edited the manuscripts for publication. Not only are the actual crimes unique and challenging, but the stories are filled with fascinating details of life in early-day Montana—details that amply illustrate Holmes’ superb powers of observation.

This immensely entertaining book is certain to delight all fans of detective stories, mysteries, and Sherlock Holmes.


Format: Paperback, E-book
ISBN: 978-1-931832-96-0
Author: John S. Fitzpatrick
Pages: 240

"Fitzpatrick's book about Sherlock Holmes in Montana is a must read for mystery lovers."
—Elisha Foster, Hastings Book Manager

The Midwest Book Review - September 2008

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