Haunted Montana

ByKaren Stevens


Here’s your ghostly guide to spooks, spirits, and specters of Montana. From haunted hotels to eerie inns, this book will take you to all the spookiest spots in the state. Want to meet a phantom? Experience a poltergeist? Commune with the dearly departed? Let Haunted Montana lead the way to places you can stay to experience the other side.


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-931832-87-0
Author: Karen Stevens
Pages: 256

A word about ghosts from ghost hunter Karen Stevens:

I grew up in a haunted house in Minneapolis. We lived there for 19 years, and over the years everyone in my family saw and heard things we couldn't logically explain. Even as a youngster I wanted to know how something without a body could switch on lights and turn doorknobs, so I devised "scientific" experiments like spreading flour on the basement floor to see if the ghost left footprints (it didn't, and Mom made me clean up the mess next day) and tacking a strand of yarn across the basement stairs to see if the ghost could pass through it as it came up the stairs. Dad tripped on the yarn, though, and my experiments came to an abrupt end. I've been fascinated by ghosts, whatever they are, ever since and have visited "haunted" sites all over the US and Britain. I've collected ghost stories here in Montana for thirty years, but began to work on the book about ten years ago after Renee Christiansen of Fun Adventures Tours and I began offering ghost tours at Halloween, guiding people to the haunted places of Billings. The interest in ghosts has grown enormously since then and the time just seemed right to seek a publisher.

Anyone can become a "certified" ghost hunter by taking courses offered by various groups. Some are reputable, others are less so. Although I have studied paranormal phenomena for fifty years, I've never considered myself to be a "certified" ghost hunter. "Certified" probably sounds better than "certifiable" though!

I enjoyed visiting every one of the sites that’s listed in my book, but probably Butte and Fort Peck stand out most in my memories, Butte for its rollicking past that still lingers in the Rookwood Speakeasy, and Fort Peck where the damworkers' sense of pride, hope, and accomplishment can still be sensed at the Fort Peck Hotel.

One of the most common questions I encounter is, Don’t you ever get scared? Naw. Ghosts don't scare me. It's the live ones you have to watch out for...

Happy Halloween!

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