The Biography of F. Augustus Heinze Copper King at War

BySarah McNelis


He came to Butte, Montana, when he was 19, worked for 19 years, and left as a multi-millionaire. He was F. Augustus Heinze, the youngest, brashest, and boldest Copper King.

Seeking fame and fortune, F. Augustus Heinze arrived in Butte, Montana, “the richest hill on earth” in 1889. With a brilliant talent for mining—and an shrewd understanding of mining law—he succeeded in becoming a Copper King. This biography is the clearest portrayal of how Heinze fought the powerful, championed the miners, and became one of America’s wealthiest men.

If her Irish immigrant “Papa” hadn’t been the watchman of the Lexington Mine, Sarah McNelis might not have written this thoroughly researched and engaging book. In the afterword, “The Watchman’s Daughter,” journalist and historian Zena Beth McGlashan explores the many aspects of how this book came to be, including how preeminent Montana historian K. Ross Toole chose McNelis’ work to be the first book published by the University of Montana Press.


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60639-110- 5
Author: Sarah McNelis
Pages: 274

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