Montana Murders Notorious and Unsolved

ByBrian D'Ambrosio


Deeply researched and vividly written, Montana Murders describes 30 of the state’s most shocking killings from the Vigilantes to today.

Award-winning Montana author Brian D’Ambrosio examines the most notorious murders in the state’s history. Some are historical accounts from Montana’s early Wild West history, but most are contemporary cases that shocked communities, investigators, and families. Many remain bafflingly unsolved.

Some cases have been featured in national media, such as the famous and inexplicable murders of the parents of television’s Patrick Duffy (Dallas) and the serial murders by the hermitic Unabomber. But D’Ambrosio also unearths gruesome, little known cold cases that haunt surviving families and friends to this day.

Drawing on official investigative reports and numerous personal interviews with law enforcement officials, witnesses, and survivors, D’Ambrosio describes each murder like a good detective story. Readers will find riveting details about the murderers, their motives and methods, and their unfortunate victims. Includes 20 black and white photos.

Brian D’Ambrosio is a prolific writer of nonfiction books and articles. He specializes in histories, biographies, and profiles of actors and musicians. One of his previous books for Riverbend, Warrior in the Ring, a biography of Native American world champion boxer Marvin Camel, was a finalist for the High Plains Book Award. He also wrote Shot in Montana: A History of Cinema in Montana for Riverbend. He has written for The History Press and contributes to several newspapers and magazines. He lives in Helena, Montana.


Publication Date: October 2020
ISBN 978-1-60639-124-2
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Author: Brian D'Ambrosio
Pages: 288
20 B&W photos

Author of Montana Murders discusses his book at the Montana Historical Society.

Brian D’Ambrosio is a Helena, Montana, writer, instructor, and media consultant. D’Ambrosio’s recent articles have been published in local, regional, and national publications, including Cowboys and Indians, Wisconsin Trails, Bark Magazine, Montana Magazine, and Backpacker Magazine. His most recent e­book chronicled the trial and conviction of exonerated murderer Ryan Ferguson, 101 Reasons Why Ryan Ferguson Should Be Released. D’Ambrosio is a frequent contributor to, among other internet sites, “The Huffington Post,” where he profiles an eclectic assortment of people. He is currently completing a first volume of in-depth profiles of ex-entertainment wrestlers, football players, and boxers called Life in the Trenches. He may be reached at

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