Yellowstone Trivia

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-931832-70-0
Author: Janet Spencer
Pages: 120

Yellowstone Trivia

by Janet Spencer

This fun-filled, fact-filled trivial extravaganza will keep you laughing, keep you learning, and keep you guessing. Trivia Queen Janet Spencer scoured libraries, archives, and museums for the oddest and most obscure figures, facts, and fascination she could find. The perfect campfire companion! Use the book to play a homemade version of Trivial PursuitTM. Keep a copy in your glovebox, or put it in your bathroom!


Yellowstone Trivia Quiz*

  1. Old Faithful spews about 8,500 gallons per eruption which is enough water to supply the average American with water for:
  2. A) 10 days B) 85 days C) 212 days

  3. Of the 32 bear-caused injuries that occurred in the park between 1980 and 2002, what percent of the human victims were male?
  4. A) 34% B) 52% C) 78%

  5. This animal, common in Yellowstone, is thought to be the only mammal in the world that never gets cancer. Name it.

  6. Yellowstone today supports every species of wild animal that occupied the area before the arrival of civilization. How many other areas in the Lower 48 states can make that claim?
  7. A) None B) Six C) Fourteen

  8. 5) True or false: the grizzly bear has the slowest rate of reproduction of any North American land mammal.

  9. Water that is under a lot of pressure is unable to boil. How hot is water 1,000 feet below the surface of Norris Geyser Basin?
  10. A) 212°F. B) 317°F. C) 459°F.

  11. In an average year, five tourists are injured by this animal, making it the park’s most dangerous species. Name it.

  12. How long does the average visitor stay in the park?
  13. A) 1.5 days B) 3 days C) 5 days

  14. How many people see Old Faithful go off daily in summer months?
  15. A) 1,500 B) 7,000 C) 25,000

  16. What man, who later became president of the United States, worked as a seasonal employee in Yellowstone in 1936?
  17. A) Richard Nixon B) Lyndon Johnson C) Gerald Ford

About the Author

Janet Spencer started her trivial career in 1987 when she started a weekly paper entitled "Tidbits". The paper was dedicated to publishing odd and interesting bits of information, as well as jokes, quotes, quizzes, contests, and cartoons. She authored the book "Tidbits Treasury of Trivia and Compendium of Miscellany: Odd and Unusual, Amazing and Amusing Facts, Stories, and Statistics" in 1995. In addition, she's been a staff writer for the Bathroom Reader's Institute, a columnist for "Montana Magazine", and the author of the book "Montana Trivia" published by Riverbend Publishing in 2005, among other things.

She has done much of her writing from unusual retreats. Recently, she spent two winters caretaking a closed lodge in the middle of Glacier National Park, a la Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". Spending such vast periods of time alone has given her a different perspective of society. She also spent ten consecutive summers on forest fire lookout towers atop remote peaks of Montana, where she was hit by lightning an incredible five times. Such proximity to enormous amounts of electricity has perhaps been responsible for the extra current running through her life.

When not off on wilderness adventures, she resides in Helena, Montana with her husband of 25 years and a varying menagerie of animals. Hobbies include singing, acting, gardening, rehabilitating a century-old home, canoeing, and camping.

Press Release

New book explores Yellowstone’s trivialities

Yellowstone’s trivia is fun and fascinating

A new book called “Yellowstone Trivia” serves up a feast of facts for fans of Yellowstone National Park.

Written by self-proclaimed “Trivia Queen” Janet Spencer of Helena, the Yellowstone book delights with odd and obscure nuggets of knowledge, along with quirky quotes, original puzzles, whimsical cartoons, fascinating footnotes, and innovative flip-art animation.

“Yellowstone is one of the most unique places on our planet,” said Spencer, who calls herself the Royal Ruler of Useless Information, the Master of Arcane Knowledge and Extraneous Lore, and the Keeper of Forgotten Facts and Startling Statistics. “I wanted to build a book that was just as unique.”

The amazing and amusing material is presented in an entertaining format of questions and answers, making the book perfect for campfire quizzes or backseat travelers.

Spencer, author of the hugely popular book “Montana Trivia,” has been involved with trivia for more than two decades. “I love learning, but even more, I love teaching people. Trivia is the best tool I’ve found to do that.”

Anyone who would like to learn such things as how many items are turned into the park’s lost and found each summer, or what percent of people injured by bears are men, or how small the park’s smallest geyser was, should pick up a copy of “Yellowstone Trivia.” The 120-page paperback sells for $9.95 and is available at bookstores and from Riverbend Publishing by calling toll-free 1-866-787-2363.


Helena Independent Record: Books on Yellowstone spring forth from local publishers?

*Yellowstone Trivia Quiz Answers

  1. 85 days
  2. 78%
  3. Bison
  4. None
  5. False: the musk ox is slower
  6. 459°F.
  7. Bison
  8. 1.5 days
  9. 25,000
  10. Gerald Ford

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