Northwest Penstemons

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-56044-572-6
Author: Dr. Dee Strickler
Pages: 192


Northwest Penstemons

by Dr. Dee Strickler

The fifth wildflower guide from Dee Strickler covers the 80 species of Penstemon native to the Pacific Northwest. With notes on habitat, range, and plant features and an outstanding glossary of botanical terms, this book will delight all lovers of penstemons and will introduce the largest genus of flowering plants native to North America to countless other wildflower aficionados. As with Dr. Strickler's earlier guides to the showy wildflowers of the Northern Rockies, this volume features extraordinarily sharp and vibrant full-color photographs of each flower. "Northwest Penstemons" boasts a handy key, based on botanical characteristics, for anyone interested in precise identifications, plus a range map for each species, line drawings, and an informative introduction. For any Pacific Northwest nature lover who has asked, "What species of Penstemon is that?" this handsome and useful book holds the answer.

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