Men of the Open Range

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-56044-247-6
Author: Mike Logan
Pages: 80

Men of the Open Range

By Mike Logan In Conjunction with Buglin’ Bull Press

Mike’s rhymes capture the cowboy spirit with a grace, humor, and realism that will leave you grinning, giggling, and eager to read more!


About the Author

Mike Logan is a ranch and wildlife photographer, whose efforts to capture ranchlife on film led to many of the poems he’s written in his three volumes of poetry. A teacher in the Helena, Montana school system, he is also the author of several books of photographs depicting western life. His words and photos have appeared in numerous books, magazines, and calendars. Mike has been a featured poet at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, as well as many other cowboy poetry venues.


This is another skillfully crafted collection of humorous and thoughtful poetry about cowboy and western culture. It reflects the discipline that Mike Logan brings to poetry, prose, and photography, and proves that he is one of our most talented westerners.

Guy Oogsdon, Writer/Publisher, Guy Logsdon Books

Mike Logan’s poetry makes you think of rainbows after storms. Or a patch of sunshine splashing through a shadowed glade. You know that decency, honor, and respect ride with “Men of the Open Range”. These are verses to treasure and read again and then again.

Gwen Petersen, Ranchwoman/Author; Founder, Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering

If any pilgrim wants to understand the code of the West, the cowboy way, or the universal popularity of the cowboy, read “Few Words” by Mike Logan. It’s never been said better.

Baxter Black, THE Cowboy Poet

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