Laugh Kills Lonesome

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-56044-056-2
Author: Mike Logan
Pages: 74

Laugh Kills Lonesome

& Other Poems

By Mike Logan In Conjunction with Buglin’ Bull Press

Mike’s rhymes capture the cowboy spirit with a grace, humor, and realism that will leave you grinning, giggling, and eager to read more!


About the Author

Mike Logan is a ranch and wildlife photographer, whose efforts to capture ranchlife on film led to many of the poems he’s written in his three volumes of poetry. A teacher in the Helena, Montana school system, he is also the author of several books of photographs depicting western life. His words and photos have appeared in numerous books, magazines, and calendars. Mike has been a featured poet at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, as well as many other cowboy poetry venues.


My first acquaintance with Mike Logan was at a program held in my honor at the C.M. Russell Auditorium, February 1990. As Mike Logan took the microphone and recited his poem, “The Shaman’s Hands” his magical words and perfect delivery held the audience spellbound. At the conclusion, I was so emotionally overwhelmed that I leapt to my feet and applauded, a think I am not wont to do. Every time I read ‘my poem’ It makes a lump in my throat and brings tears to my eyes. Mike Logan is certainly a genius with words. He must be Montana’s greatest living poet.

Bob Scriver, Sculptor

Mike Logan has a strong, mellifluous voice and an absorbing way of saying a poem – from the hilarious to the serious, his words are vigorous and visual. Moreover, his writing combines a new, refreshing style with old-time traditional balladry. He brings a vital force to the arena of cowboy poetry, one that will certainly be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Elizabeth Dear, Curator, Charles M. Russell Museum

In “Laugh Kills Lonesome”, as in all of his poetry, Mike Logan draws me into the story. I become part of the action, the sorrow and the laughter. He is truly a great poet.

Les Graham, Administrator, Dept. of Livestock, State of Montana

Because Mike Logan is my friend, high praise of his poetry might be received with suspicion. But much of my friendship with Mike is based upon his intellectural integrity and wonderful way with words. I read his poetry and find myself saying, “I wish I had, or could have, written that!”

Wallace McRae, Rancher, Author of “Things of Intrinsic Worth”

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