Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-931832-06-4
Author: Ben Long
Pages: 192

Great Montana Bear Stories

by Ben Long

“Bears seize our imaginations quite unlike any other animal,” writes Montana author Ben Long. “Why are we so fascinated by bears?” In “Great Montana Bear Stories” you’ll find out why. Here are dozens of exciting and instructive stories about grizzly bears and black bears and the people who encounter them.

Carefully researched and skillfully written, these stories involve hikers, campers, ranchers, hunters, wildlife biologists and many others who came face-to-face with Montana bears. Some are comical, others tragic, some inspiring, and others simply terrifying. Whether you like bears or simply like incredible true stories, “Great Montana Bear Stories” will keep you reading page after page.


About the Author

Benjamin Long is an outdoorsman, conservationist, and author. His reporting and writing about the natural world has earned him several awards, including the Chinook Literary Prize. He is the author of Backtracking: by foot, canoe, and Subaru on the Lewis and Clark Trail, and he writes for several newspapers and magazines, including High Country News, Bugle, Montana Living, Montana, and Defenders. He lives in Kalispell with his wife and family, and enjoys spending as much time as possible in grizzly country.


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