Death Valley Trivia

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781606390153
Author: Don Lago
Pages: 136

Death Valley Trivia

by Don Lago

Death Valley National Park is full of wonder - and so is this book. Here you will find the biggest and smallest, longest and shortest, first and last, weirdest and wildest, and the who, what, and where of Death Valley. From Telescope Peak to Badwater Basin and everything in between, Death Valley Trivia offers something fascinating, fun, and little known about the area's landscapes, geology, plants, wildlife, weather, explorers, prospectors, outlaws, celebrities - and  more.

Carry it on a hike, read it in your car, and take it home to enjoy again and again. Play a Death Valley trivia game with family and friends! These trivial trifles, treasures, and treats will keep you laughing, learning, and guessing. It's fun-tastic!


About the Author

Don Lago is the author of Grand Canyon Trivia (also published by Riverbend Publishing), the result of many years of exploring the Grand Canyon as a hiker, a kayaker, and a historian.  His first visit to a national park was to Yosemite at age four, although his main memory of that visit is the Yogi Bear coin bank he bought there.  Since then, his appreciation of national parks has only increased.  He has been exploring the national parks of the Southwest for 25 years.  He thinks that Death Valley National Park should win the award for the "most surprising" national park.  "Many people," he says, "think of Death Valley as only a wide, desolate valley, but it is full of surprises, of fantastic beauty and geology, of great hikes in unique side canyons.  For history lovers, Death Valley has a wilder cast of Wild West characters than just about any national park.  For movie lovers, Death Valley is the best park for seeing film locations."  Lago is well-known for his writings on nature, history, and astronomy, which have appeared for many years in magazines such as Orion, Astronomy, and Air and Space Smithsonian; he has published several other books.

Press Release

Outrageous extremes detailed in Death Valley book

A new book called “Death Valley Trivia” makes all kinds of facts about Death Valley easily accessible and fun to learn.

This book covers the outrageous extremes of Death Valley, including topics such as how many days in a row has Death Valley hit 100 F or higher? When it’s that hot, what’s the average daily low? Can you really fry eggs on the sidewalk in a Death Valley summer? How long does it take for laundry hung on clotheslines to dry?

You’ll discover where to find outstanding oddities in the park, including a coffin-shaped auditorium, the world’s smallest animal habitat, a house made of beer bottles, and a 1,200-pound rock named Kitty.

Find out about the mule who didn’t speak Christian, the mining swindle of the century, and the world’s friendliest fish. If you’ve ever been curious to know what was the longest period between rainfalls, or how much rain fell in the wettest year ever recorded, then “Death Valley Trivia” will provide answers to questions you never thought to ask.

The author, Don Lago, has studied and explored desert environments for more than 20 years, and he did extensive research into Death Valley’s human and natural history.

“Death Valley Trivia” is a must-have book for fans of the national park and a good way for anyone of any age to learn more about this unique area.

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